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After upgrading your town hall from th 9 to th10 it is the most interesting level of the entire clash of clans game !!. why because you will get the best and most useful defense building called infernos. Infernos are the superiors things that can damage the high level troops very easy on single target. Not only infernos after that you will get many upgrades each level it will be more interesting.

Let  we discuss the best town hall 10 war bases from the clash of clans that will help you to defense to your town hall. We picked the best bases and also conduct tests in clan wars. You need to decide whether which base is suitable for your base.

Lets jump straigts to the town hall 10 war bases.

Best th10 war base link 2023

This is the best th10 war base the main important thing of this base as you see the town hall is centralized with clan castle and protected with 4 teslas also surrounded with the strong defence building. Also air sweepers with infernos arre set in opposite directions thease bases are the most effective against from the dragon loons strtergies.

th10 war base

coc th 10 war base
coc th 10 war base

Th 10 war base layout

This town hall 10  war base layout is perfect for the against from the ground troops strategies like gowbowitch strategies as you see that most of the defense buildings like canons and archer towers are outside of the wall with other resource buildings. And the most important our town hall is centered with clan castle inside the walls and protected with infernos xbows and archer queen.

th 10 war base

Best Th 10 war base anti 3 stars 2023

This is the most amazing base of the town hall 10 as you can see town hall is placed on the top side of the corner. This base have several compartments with archer towers and some other defence buildings fro the protection. Also clan castle is centralized and proteted with the archer queen alter. it will be difficult to the opponents from this base for getting 3 stars

coc town hall 10 war base

Coc th 10 base link

Here are the best amazing interesting town hall 10 bases have sevaral compartments with town hall  is centralized with infernos for the protection of the town hall. As you see the teslas bows are set to closely to the clan castle some other defence buildings like cannons mortars are placed outside of the walls with storages resource buildings.

coc th 10 war base

Coc th 10 war base anti 2 stars

This is one of the best th 10 war bases who wants to anti 2 star from the opponents. This base have divided in to small compartments the town hall is placed centred with clan castle and surrounded with both archer queen and king alters. Air sweepers are placed opposite directions with rockets. Army camps storages resource buildings are placed out side of the walls.

coc town hall 10 war base

Town hall 10 war base anti everything

Here are the best bases for the protection of the town hall from the various strategies. Main thing of these bases are town hall is placed centered and surrounded by the strong defense buildings like infernos, x bows some other defenses. Keep in mind archer queen and king alters are placed in closely to the town hall. place all the storages resource collectors are placed outside from the walls.

th 10 war base

Coc th 10 war base for CWL

For CWL you need very tough base to avoid loosing battle here are the some amazing bases like. look at this town hall and clan castle is centered and surrounded by the small compartments of the highest level of walls with the protection of the xbows and other high level of defenses. Storages, resource buildings army camps are placed outside of the walls. King and Queen alters are placed closely to the town hall for extra protection.

coc town hall 10 war base

coc th 10 war base


In this article we provided the best and amazing th10 war bases for you. Hope you like our base layouts and designs definitely you will get the good results in clan war battles. Want to try th11 bases try this amazing th11war bases . HAPPY CLASHING


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