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While upgrading from town hall 6 to town hall 7 you will get plenty of upgrades that boost your village to an extra level. The main upgrade of this town hall 7 comes with an ability to use of Heroes A.K.A KING in clan wars and battles and to defend your base from enemy attacks. Another main thing you will get in this upgrade is dark elixir resource. With the help of dark elixir you are able to unlock powerful dark elixir troops that will help you to build strategies in clan wars and many battles. So let’s jump directly to the amazing best th7 base that you can copy and download.

Best Clash of Clans Th7 farming base Link

Here is the first amazing th7 farming base in this base the town hall is kept centered with the several compartments of the walls. In this base all the storages are inside the walls so that you will save many resources from the enemy attacks. In clan castle troops use wizards it will defend from the town hall 8 or same level of enemy bases.

TH7 farming base

Best COC th7 farming base layout

In this below we mentioned the best th7 farming layouts for your base like this base is centralized with clan castle and divided the four compartments side of the walls. In this base your main target is defend your town hall so that’s why we placed the tesla’s near to the town hall. mortars and some other defense buildings are also placed inside of the walls.

TH7 farming base
TH7 farming base

Best TH7 farming base with Anti-Dragon

The main thing of this base design is to protect the loot and your base from the dragons. So that’s why we mentioned the best anti dragon bases in the below. As you can see the base each of the walls are divided into several compartments. In each compartment placed the rockets and traps to defend your village from the dragons attacks. And don’t forget to use cc troops in your base defence we suggest to use wizards, witches and minions in your clan castle that will help you defend your base from the dragon attack strategies.

TH7 farming base
TH7 farming base

Best TH7 farming base for loot protection

It was the main concerned for the th7 farming bases to protect the loot from the above levels like town hall 8 and 9 because it’s hard to collect the resources like dark elixir or any other resources for the upgrade the king or any other dark troops. so that’s why we mentioned the best bases for the loot protection like you see all the storages are kept inside of the walls along with town hall with the protection of the defese buildings, traps and also king altar placed near to the town hall for the extra protection. In clan castle troops use wizards and minions for the effective defense against many strategies.

TH7 farming base

Best TH7 farming base for Anti- Everything

Many th7 players’ wants their th7 farming base would be unbeatable and strong base for the defense in clan wars battles or any other battles. So that’s why we tested these bases in clan wars and mentioned the best amazing bases in the below. As you see the base with the town hall kept in centered along with clan castle. Each of the walls is divided into circle shaped compartments along with defense buildings. King altar placed with town hall for the extra protection. Resource buildings army camps and other buildings are placed outside of the walls. Dark elixir and other storages are placed inside of the walls to minimize the loot protection from the enemy attacks.

TH7 farming base
TH7 farming base

Best COC TH7 farming designs 2023

If you want your base design would be unique and different from the others bases try these amazing unique base designs to your base. As you can see the below mentioned bases like bat and other unique shaped bases. We suggest you to don’t implement these bases in clan war battles and CWLs.

TH7 farming base
TH7 farming base


Hope you are liked our base layouts and designs of th7 farming base and don’t forget to comeback we constantly upgrading our bases with the latest designs. If you have higher levels of town halls try these bases also like

Town Hall 10

Town Hall 9

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