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Town hall 9 is the most strategically likeable base around the clash of clans. When you upgrade your town hall 8 to town hall 9 you will get the most powerful troop archer queen also troops get extra levels and eventually dark exilier troops. In Town hall 9 you will get the lava hound that you can use for the very famous lava loons strategy. When you came around th9 farm base you will need to protect your resources from the looters so that’s why here you will get the best th9 farm base layouts with links.

So lets jump directly to the town hall 9 farming bases.

Best Th9 farming base layout 2023

th9 farming base
th9 farming base

Here is the amazing th9 farming base layout with town hall and clan castle are centered with the protection of the x bows. Defense buildings are divided into small compartments of the highest levels of the wall. Archer queen alter is placed closely to the town hall for the extra protection for the town hall. Storages are placed inside the walls for minimizing the loss of loot. Resource buildings , army camps and other buildings are placed outside of the walls.

th9 farming base
th9 farming base

Th 9 farm for base anti lavaloon

th9 base
th9 farming base

If you are looking for the base for anti lavaloon attack strategies these are the best bases as you see Town hall is centralized with the air sweepers facing on the opposite direction of the town hall for the protection. Rockets are placed different compartments of the wall along with other defense buildings. Dark exiler and other storages are also placed inside of the walls. King and queen alters are placed on each side of opposite direction to the town hall.

Best Th9 farming base for Anti 1 star

th9 farming base
th9 farming base

Want your base would be unbeatable here are the best and amazing th9 farm base with link. You can see the base town hall is centered with clan castle with the protection of archer queen. Air sweepers and x bows are placed in two compartments of the walls faced each side of the opposite direction for the protection of the town hall 9 farm base . If you closely observe this base storages are placed centered with the town hall. Some defense buildings are placed outside of the walls and some are surrounded by the base. Army camps along with resource buildings are placed outside of the walls to cover the entire base area.

Clash of clans Town hall 9 farm base

th9 farming base

This is one of the best bases of clash of clans th9 farming base as you see the inner compartment of the wall kept town hall with clan castle with the protection of the x bows. King and Archer queen alter is also place near to the town hall for the extra protection. Storages and other resource buildings are kept in outer side of the walls.

Best th9 farming base with copy link

th9 farming base

This one of the finest bases of the th9 farm base, it is in square shaped clan base it consists of many square shaped compartments. In one of the compartment town hall kept along with air sweepers faced opposite side of the direction. Dark exiler storage is placed centred in this base. In each of the compartment placed storages along with other defense buildings like archer towers and x bows. Other resource buildings and army camps are kept in the out side of the clan base.


Here are the top amazing Th9 Farming Bases for the best loot protection. Want to get some amazing th11 war bases too ? try these best th11 war bases.

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